St. Michael Cemetery

Saint Michael Main Office Established about 1871, this facility was originally associated with St. Michael Cathedral. It was administered through the Cathedral as a “joint parish cemetery,” i.e. a cemetery serving multiple parishes, until a “diocesan cemetery” concept was put in place. With 123 developed acres, the cemetery reaches from State Street to Wilbraham Road, and is located approximately two miles east of the Cathedral. There are over 68,430 burials in the cemetery. Saint Michael Cemetery has limited ground burial in flush memorial or upright monument lots. With high demand for this cemetery, the Springfield Diocesan Cemeteries, Inc. in 2000 approved the construction of Saint Michael the Archangel Mausoleum to accommodate approximately 1,500 human remains. Mausoleum space is a very popular alternative to in-ground burials as soon as it was presented. With high demand for space a second mausoleum has been constructed at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery a few miles down the road from Saint Michael Cemetery.

St. Michael Cemetery is located at 1601 State Street, Springfield MA 01109. Office tel: 413.733.0659

Saint Michael, Random Street