Clean Up

There are five ways in which decorations are usually removed:


Items that are unsightly are removed each week during the growing season.

General Cemetery Clean-up:

Each year, after March 15th and October 1st, all decorations are removed from the cemeteries. This is done to ensure a thorough cleaning of the properties. Due to the volume of decorations being removed, it is impossible to make provisions to claim items after they have been removed. Therefore, should families desire to retain items, they must be removed prior to the scheduled clean-up dates.

Seasonal Decorations After Holidays:

Eight days after listed holidays [except Christmas] all decorations of a seasonal character are removed if they have not been claimed by families. A certain amount of leeway is afforded families in decorating for holidays, but items that create safety hazards are removed as soon as observed.

Decorations Not Complying With Rules:

Cemetery employees work in the various sections of the cemeteries on a regular basis. As part of their responsibilities, they maintain the beauty and safety of the cemeteries. As instructed by the Cemetery Rules and Regulations, to ensure their safety, and the safety of all who visit the cemeteries, they are expected to remove decorations which are not in compliance.

Wind and Theft:

Decorations may also be removed by either of these causes. As it is impossible for employees to be everywhere at all times, the cemeteries cannot assume liability for decorations. When items are blown about, the grounds crew has no choice but to dispose of them as replacement at specific sites is not possible.


The Springfield Diocesan Cemeteries Rules and Regulations encompass Floral Tributes, Clean Up Schedules, Cemetery Maintenance and Monument and Flush Memorial regulations.