Springfield Diocesan Cemeteries

Catholic cemeteries are a long-standing ministry of the church; the cemeteries are intended to be religious in character. The church provides cemeteries to help people face the hard reality of death in the context of the promise of eternal life.

Catholic cemeteries in the Diocese of Springfield exist to meet the needs of individuals and families before, at the time of death and burial, and throughout bereavement. Our Catholic cemeteries' ministry encourages frequent visitation and prayer for the dead. We seek to foster an environment where love is remembered, hope is rekindled, and faith is awakened and strengthened.

The church owns and operates the cemeteries for the common good. Those who bury within Catholic cemeteries are issued easements containing rules adopted for good order and to manifest the church's beliefs and teachings. It is our commitment to:

  • ensure the cemeteries are respected as sacred space, well maintained, healing and inviting to bereaved families and friends;

  • protect the rights and the privileges of all families using the cemeteries and having loved ones buried within;

  • provide an environment that is safe and secure for those who visit the cemeteries as well as those who work within them.

The Diocese of Springfield is committed to promoting services in our Catholic cemeteries that are ministerial in character. Our primary focus will continue to be comfort to the bereaved. The Catholic cemetery will be a place of prayer and liturgical celebration. We will continue to express Catholic belief and practice in all that surrounds the reality of death.

Our Catholic cemeteries will be places where the meaning of life and death is well expressed in symbol and action. We will not attempt to hide the hard reality of death, for death is not easy. We will make our cemeteries places of remembering, healing, strengthening, and prayer. In this way Catholic cemeteries in the Diocese of Springfield will continue to give perspective and meaning to life, death and life after death.