Floral Tributes

The cemetery offices maintain burial records to assist families in locating graves for the placement of floral tributes. For families unable to visit graves, tributes are accepted from local florists and assistance with placement is offered. Because of the large number of decorations, most often we cannot contact the family if a decoration is not in keeping with cemetery regulations.

The cemetery rules stipulate what decorations are acceptable. Our practice is to adorn burial spaces with flowers. During the growing and mowing season, only fresh or live flowers may be placed; nothing may be attached to monuments. Cemetery personnel are sensitive to various ethnic customs associated with decoration, especially at the time of death and burial, and will try to accommodate these customs whenever possible. Federal and state laws, insurance regulations and safety concerns, impact what is permitted.

Because the cemeteries are operated under the auspices of the Catholic church, it is important that all recognize that the burial of the dead is only one of the Corporal Works of Mercy. Visiting the sick, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry are also works of mercy that must always be encouraged. These guidelines are only effective if observed by both visitors and employees:

  • Only natural flowers are permitted during the growing season. Wire in artificial flower stems is a hazard to power mowers and operators. Before and after the growing season, artificial flowers may be placed in urns and vases.
  • Moderation is the norm. Flowers are placed in urns, vases or pots and should be dignified and tasteful. Items taped or wired to the outsides of containers or to monuments will be removed
  • When families are large, many may wish to express love by decorating. If family members take turns, everyone's needs are accommodated. Honoring the deceased through other Corporal Works of Mercy, identified earlier, is part of the Catholic tradition and encouraged.
  • Safety is important. Items attached to wood or metal stakes are hazardous to visitors and workers. As a general rule, such items will be removed as they are seen. The only exception to this are flags placed during permitted times. Glass is easily broken in the cemetery and becomes a hazard; glass items are removed as soon as they are seen.

Special Floral Tributes

At times such as birthdays, anniversaries of marriage or death, the cemeteries allow potted natural floral tributes to be placed at individual graves for up to three days. Cemetery office personnel can provide guidance and assistance to meet these special needs throughout the year.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday items may be placed three days prior to these holidays and will remain in place seven days following the holiday. Items that are hazardous or do not comply with regulations will be removed. Items that are appropriate to the holiday, if not claimed by the end of the seventh day, will be removed by cemetery staff on the eighth day. Winter decorations [including Christmas] may remain in place until Spring clean-up.

The Springfield Diocesan Cemeteries Rules and Regulations encompass Floral Tributes, Clean Up Schedules, Cemetery Maintenance and Monument and Flush Memorial regulations.