Rules and Regulations

The church encourages frequent visits and prayers for the dead; we understand that families express their love and devotion by decorating graves where loved ones are buried. Decorating, however, must be done in a way that does not create a safety hazard, infringe on other lots, impede proper maintenance, diminish the Catholic character of the cemetery, or offend others.

For these reasons, cemeteries adopt regulations for the common good and, for them to be effective, it is sometimes necessary to take steps to see that they are uniformly enforced.

The church owns and operates the cemeteries for the common good. Those who purchase burial rights (no land or property is purchased) within Catholic cemeteries are issued easements of burial. Rules are adopted for good order and to manifest the church's beliefs and teachings. Compliance with rules and regulations are a condition of the easement.

Management seeks to maintain the cemeteries in a fashion that reflects the church's teachings about the dignity of every human person.

No hearts, bibles, novelties, temporary crosses or grave markers and the like are permitted at any time. This also applies to statues, votive lights, and toys. These items tend to disrupt the beauty and serenity of an area and have been a source for complaint from adjacent easement owners. These items will be removed by cemetery personnel.

The Springfield Diocesan Cemeteries Rules and Regulations encompass Floral Tributes, Clean Up SchedulesCemetery Maintenance and Monument and Flush Memorial regulations.

The cemetery assumes no responsibility for loss of any item or damage to flower pots or other containers and maintains the right to dispose of broken or unsightly containers at any time.