Burial Arrangements

For Catholics, burial in blessed ground is a baptismal right; for those who do not possess this right, it is a privilege. Catholic cemeteries are intended for the interment of Catholics, catechumens, and members of their families who have this right to Christian burial according to the rules of the Roman Catholic Church.

Any question concerning the burial of a member of an easement-holder's family who is not Catholic should be referred first to the pastor of the easement holder's family.

Burial arrangements are typically facilitated through the funeral home selected by the family. When an easement is not already held, selections must be made at the cemetery. It is expected that all Catholic committals in diocesan cemeteries will be celebrated by a priest, deacon, or pastoral minister from the parish of the deceased. Floral tributes placed at the time of an interment are limited to a number covering only the grave; they will remain in place until the second morning [48 hours] following the committal. The cemetery cannot ensure that items left at graves remain in place.

We serve families best when we help them anticipate needs which are part of the reality of death. In the Diocese of Springfield we look upon the arrangement of burial space not as a business transaction, but as a teaching moment, an opportunity for growth in faith. When individuals and families acknowledge the issues surrounding mortality and begin to make burial plans, it is a graced moment in which our faith can and must be integrated if we are to be true to the service we render.